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Life Choices
Why Pre-Plan?
Pre-Plan Online
Why Pre-Plan?

Your Family

W ithout a doubt, the most important reason to pre-plan your funeral and other arrangements is to spare your family from facing complicated decisions at a time when the shock of your death may seem overwhelming. Did you know there are nearly 50 things which must be considered when planning a funeral? Approaching those decisions now with the imput of your family allows one to take the time necessary to freely discuss your death and funeral arrangements. This can be most comforting to your family. It not only spares them from facing decisions that can be so difficult at the time of death, but it also gives them the lasting peace of mind of knowing they've acted in accordance with your wishes. It can also avoid problems between family members regarding your funeral wishes.

For parents pre-planning removes the burden of planning a funeral from the surviving child or children. This is particularly beneficial for single parents, especially if your death should occur when the children are too young or inexperienced to make such arrangements. You may be a member of a family whose relatives are far from home. Pre-planning will uncomplicate your funeral arrangements thereby relieving your scattered family from the burden of making hasty decisions and arrangements because of time limits imposed by travel.

Further, family members making funeral arrangements often do not have all the information they need to make important decisions. Many people die each year with their families unaware of benefits, insurance policies, acquired cemetery spaces or other existing items. This is why it is so important to organize all your important information and free your family from having to confront tedious details and paperwork when they need to confront the loss of a loved one.

Peace Of Mind

W e often have special wishes as to where to be buried, who is to receive our personal items and how we are to be memorialized. Planning ahead gives you a sense of personal relief and pride. After all, you were in charge. Your wishes and preferences will be followed. If you should become dependent upon others for your care or if there is a family member who is disabled and cannot take care of him or herself, pre-planning will provide you with a method of arranging your funeral or your dependents funeral insuring that it will not be left in the hands of someone who may not give it the careful attention you would have wanted.

Throughout your life you have given thoughtful consideration to all the decisions you have had to make. Sensible people have always prepared for those things that MIGHT happen by taking out life, fire or health insurance. That's why being prepared for what someday WILL happen makes even more sense.

Lower Costs

A lthough not a requirement for pre-arrangement, pre-payment can safeguard your funeral arrangements from costly inflation. By setting aside your pre-payment funds in a bank trust, you have the assurance that the complete funds are available. In this way you protect your family from the draining details and financial burden. By pre-arranging and pre- financing your funeral, they can have the service of remembrance without worrying about cost. While it's true most families have life insurance benefits, pre-financing leaves those benefits for the life of the family, ensuring that their first use is not to cover funeral expenses.

Upon your death the pre-financed funds become immediately available. These funds do not become a part of your estate, subject to administration expenses and taxes. Thus, pre-financing may reduce the amount of state taxes your loved ones will have to pay. Most of all, the pre-financed funeral freezes costs at todays prices insuring your family against higher funeral expenses in the future.
Pre-Plan Online
It takes less than five minutes to complete our Basic Planner, and you can access it any time.

Pre-Plan Online

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